Madama Butterfly

Presented by Opera Australia

A man enchanted by the beauty of the East.

A woman in love with the promise of the West.

Separated by a vast ocean and many years, what will become of their love?

Madama Butterfly is a love story that reaches across cultures, across oceans, across time.

U.S. Naval officer B.F. Pinkerton is ashore in Japan, and enchanted with its beauty and freedoms. He decides to take a wife, and when the gorgeous geisha Butterfly arrives, he is transfixed by her charms. She falls hopelessly in love, and a passionate marriage begins.

Years later, Pinkerton has returned home. Abandoned by her family, Butterfly waits faithfully for her husband to return. Dawn breaks on a ship in the harbour. What will become of her great hope?

Puccini’s popular opera inspired the musical Miss Saigon. It is filled with gorgeous music, from the lovers’ first rapturous embrace to the intense finale. It features the famous aria ‘Un bel di vedremo’ and the Humming Chorus, along with Japanese and American musical themes.

One of Australia’s greatest theatrical minds, John Bell, directs this production, complete with beautiful costumes and sets.

Hear Opera Australia’s wonderful singers perform with a chamber orchestra, along with a children’s chorus, drawn from local communities.



This program, rolled out for the first time to great acclaim in 2014 and gaining momentum in 2015, will offer local children a memorable and unique experience to perform with some of the country’s finest professional opera singers and musicians.

The Opera Australia Regional Children’s Chorus will involve the Red Earth Arts Precinct, recruiting a choir leader, who will then recruit a local chorus of between 12 and 24 boys and girls. In 2019, we will looking to feature a local child as the non-speaking character “Sorrow”. This year the local children’s chorus is made up of students from St Paul’s Primary School Choir.

Opera Australia Children’s Chorus Master will meet and train the local Choir Leader and the children’s chorus over a few days, approximately one week prior to the performance. The children will learn the music, be taught a wider understanding of opera and live performance and also be given some simple basic direction and stagecraft. The children’s chorus will then join the Opera Australia performers when the tour comes to town, being rehearsed into the performance on the day.