Mastering the Art of Sleep


Do you or your loved ones struggle to get a good night’s sleep or suffer from high blood pressure?

Join world-leading sleep and heart health experts, Professor Russell Foster and Professor Markus Schlaich, as they discuss ways to manage medical conditions and start living your best life.

DID YOU KNOW? (as mentioned, I’d like some little themed icons to run with each bullet point)

Fatigue results in decreased productivity and is the cause of more road accidents than alcohol and drug use combined.*

Four in every 10 Australians are not getting the sleep they need.*

The direct financial cost of this inadequate sleep is currently estimated to be $26.2 billion annually. If health and wellbeing costs are considered, the cost rises to $66.3 billion annually.*

In 2016-17, inadequate sleep was estimated to contribute to 3017 deaths in Australia.*

High blood pressure is the No. 1 contributing risk factor for global death causing many cardiovascular complications.**

One in three adult Australians has high blood pressure, but half of them don’t even know.**

Some people only discover they have high blood pressure after suffering from a heart attack or stroke, or being diagnosed with something else, such as heart or kidney disease.**

*Source: The Australian Parliament’s Health, Aged Care and Sport Committee report Bedtime Reading: Report on the Inquiry into Sleep Health Awareness in Australia 2019.

** Source: Dobney Hypertension Centre.

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