Small Voices Louder

Small Voices Louder
For children ages 7-12.
This is a kids-only event. It is not suitable for children aged 6 and under, or children who cannot read.

The City of Karratha
Small Voices Louder by Maybe ( ) Together
Toured by Performing Lines WA

Sometimes children’s voices are exactly what the world needs to hear.

Small Voices Louder is a show in two parts. The first part is an interactive installation that asks children social, political and philosophical questions. The second takes these recorded answere and delivers them to adult ears. We believe that sometimes, children are exactly what the world needs to hear.

Imagine a space for thinking. For musing over life’s big questions. What is love? What is important to remember in life? What is a big idea?

Small Voices Louder is a child-only space for playing and pondering. It’s a magical world of tents and teepees where kids lie under clouds, talk to an alien, discover a dinosaur egg and step into a portal to the future. It’s a space for dreaming, wondering and talking about the bigger things in life.

It is also a recording space, where kids’ answers are turned into soundtracks for adult ears to stop and listen to. We believe that children, sometimes, are exactly what the world needs to hear. And adults just don’t listen enough.