The Vast Project
Thursday 17 May at 7.00pm   SORRY ALL SOLD OUT!

In September 2017 over 32 artists in the field of music and visual art converged in the heart of West Pilbara for a week of creation, recording and collaboration in the historic town of Cossack (Bajinhurrba).

It was a life-changing experience where these artists experienced many of the treasures of the West Pilbara; its history, landscapes, culture and people and sought to reflect this experience through the creation of songs, artwork, poetry and film. This was done in the spirit of exposing and giving back to this amazing part of the world and so it is with much love and excitement that many of these artists will return to the Pilbara in May for a concert, film screening, gallery show and immersive workshops in a showcase of the magic that was uncovered. We now invite you to join us at the Red Earth Arts Precinct on May 17 for The Vast Project.

Vast Film

A Farmhouse Films Production
Directed by Darren McCagh
Cinematography by Darren McCagh and Michael Fletcher

Vast Photography

Russell Ord

Vast Concert

Featuring Musicians:
Glenn Richards (Augie March), Sally Seltmann, Kav Temperley (Eskimo Joe), Al Pigram,
Jae Laffer (The Panics), Alex Gow (oh Mercy), Paul McDermott, Josie Alec,
The Healys, Ro Wise, Nick Sheppard (The Clash), Tyson Mowarin, Ian Campbell, Scott Wise, Ryan Brennan, Robert Moore, Qynn Beardman, Aimee Chapman.
Musical direction by Sean Rudd.

Vast Gallery & Workshops

Featuring Artists:
Waldermar Kolbusz, Robert Moore, Lis Johnson, Baby Guerilla, Mal Harry,
Thalia Economo, Josie Alec, Paul McDermott, Mahli Beardman, Olympia, Layla Beardman,
Scott Wise.

Curation by Thalia Economo with the assistance of Andrew Hustwaite.

*All proceeds from ticket sales and the sale of artwork and merchandise will go to the Vast Trust.

This is a Trust managed by the City of Karratha with guidance from the Vast Project to support the endeavours and exploration of artists in the West Pilbara.

Running time: 2.5hours including interval