Theatre Etiquette

Theatre Etiquette

We respectfully ask that you discuss theatre etiquette with your students prior to coming to the performance. By following standard theatre etiquette you will ensure you and your guests have an enjoyable experience at the theatre.

Coming and Going

Make sure you arrive with enough time, 20 minutes prior to the show beginning is always a good idea. Be aware that for many shows if you arrive late you will not be admitted until a scene change or not admitted at all.

Lock Out

Please do not leave your seat and plan to re-enter the auditorium during the performance, you may not be allowed back in!

Mobile Phones and Pagers

Please ensure these are turned off. If they do ring or beep in a performance it can be very embarrassing for you and distracting to cast and audience members. Please be aware that it is inappropriate to text message during any live performance.


Lolly wrappers and packets make a lot of noise. If you absolutely have to have lollies when attending a show, ensure that they are out of the packet and unwrapped.


Please show consideration for everyone else in the auditorium and resist the urge to talk during the performance. Save something to chat about during the intermission and after the show.

Photographs and Videos

Taking photographs and video during a performance is not permitted.

Running Late for a Matinee Performance?

If your group are running late for a performance, please contact the Red Earth Arts Precinct on 9186 8600.

Booking Queries

Please contact the Box office on 9186 8600 or by email to