Venue Information The Theatre Experience


The Red Earth Arts Precinct actively engages with our community and is committed to developing our programs and services to help increase our accessibility to everyone in the community, including those with physical or sensory impairment.

There are spaces for wheelchairs in both the ground floor and first floor sections of the auditorium and the first floor is accessible by a lift. For more Access information please go to our Accessibility page.

Content Warnings

Adult themes, strong language and other warnings will be notified to you at time of ticket purchase and on our website wherever possible. To confirm the use of strong language, adult themes or smoking on stage, and physical triggers such as strobe lighting, theatrical smoke and loud noises please check our website or call us on (08) 9186 8600. Warning signs will also be posted in the theatre foyer.

Lost tickets

Lost ticket vouchers can be arranged by contacting the Box Office on (08) 9186 8600 or by approaching the Box Office upon your arrival at the theatre. Please note lost ticket vouchers cannot be exchanged. Please allow sufficient time for processing if you need to do it before a show.

Doors Open

The foyer doors open one hour before a performance. We encourage you to arrive in plenty of time, about 20 minutes before the curtain goes up, especially if you are collecting tickets from the box office. An early arrival gives you time to purchase a programme for some pre-show reading and be in your seat before the show begins.

Late arrivals often have to wait to get into the theatre until a suitable break in the performance, because it’s very distracting for the actors and audience. This is called a lockout and will generally be noted on the website. In the meantime you will be able to watch the stage on the foyer screens.

Dress Code

There is no dress code for the theatre. We want you to feel comfortable but you never know who you might meet, so we suggest a smart casual outfit. It can sometimes be cold in the theatres so bring a jacket or scarf.

Food and Drink

The Red Earth Arts Precinct has a bar that provides drinks and snacks for purchase. Please finish enjoying your snacks and beverages before entering the theatres as consumption of food and drinks are distracting to the performers and to other audience members.


The Red Earth Arts Precinct is a smoke-free venue.

Mobile Phones

Please remember to turn off all mobile phones and other electronic devices before the performance. Cameras and other recording devices are strictly forbidden.

Audience Participation

Theatre is a communicative experience, so feel free to laugh, clap, cry or cheer. It lets the actors know that you are interested and connecting with their work. For those new to theatre, audiences applaud at the end of the act before the interval and also at the end of the show, when actors take their bows. There is usually a curtain call, which is when the actors come on stage to receive your appreciation.


However, talking and even whispering can likely be heard by everyone throughout the theatre and on stage, so please refrain from talking until the interval or the end of the performance.

Spread the Word

If you enjoyed your time at the theatre, then please spread the word and tell your friends. Remember that we are unlikely to be able to present a show for more than one night, so why not come along and see what is on anyway!

If you still have more questions, call us on (08) 9186 8600