POSTPONED: By a Thread

Seven acrobats and thirty metres of rope…

Long spools of white rope run through pulley sheaves and wrap around bodies, explicitly connecting the artists’ movements above and off the ground. The actions of one acrobat affect and implicate the movements of others in a mesmerising negotiation of cause and effect.

The relationships between ensemble members on stage mimic the everyday relationships we have as human beings.  Virtuosic acrobatics and intricate choreography weave through moments of confusion, hilarity, romance, playfulness, fear and friendship. The acrobatic ensemble is the vehicle through which ideas of risk and trust are explored, creating an intimate experience around the dangers and joys implicit in engaging with others.

More than mere bodies in space, By a Thread is an exploration of tensions physical, emotional and relational.


Directed by Jonathan Morgan and Charice Rust

Dramaturgy by Zebastian Hunter

Lighting Design by AfterDark Theatre

Sound Design by Lee Stout

Original Costume Design by Emily Barrie

Additional Costume Design by Stephanie Neoh

Photos and videography by Aaron Walker Photography

Original Creation:

Ela Bartilomo, Sarah Berrell, Emily Chilvers, Ryan Darwin, Amanda Lee, Jonathan Morgan, Hamish Norris, Jordan O’Brien and Charice Rust


“A sheer delight to watch.”

“From start to finish, it’s absolutely without flaw.”

“This is a work of art – if I could give it six stars I would.”

Adelaide Advertiser, 2020


This tour is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.