CAD DESIGN FOUNDATIONS – School Holiday Workshop

Using CAD to build on ideas in your head with Ben Green

Got a great design idea? How do you show someone what’s in your head? Can you describe it to them, write it down? Often you can draw it on paper, like a house plan, or make a little model (that’s what we do in theatre often). But sometimes, you need a way to play with a design before its finished. Nowadays drawing stuff in 3D is an easy, effective, quick and fun way to play with a design.

These workshops teach the basics of 3D design and modelling to make a number of simple objects and place them into space. They also delve into where to look to find other great designs elements that you could incorporate into your own projects.

Future set designers, engineers, builders, makers or architects can learn the fundamentals to 3D modelling and how to apply it in a variety of industries.


Ben comes from the Design and Production side of Black Swan State Theatre Company of WA. He is involved in all areas of theatrical set development and production as well as specific project management. Responsible for liaising with designers and producers, design development, drawing and drafting as well as overseeing fabrication, scenic finish and installation into venues. Previously Ben was employed by an internationally renowned London-based photographic gallery. Responsible for design, operational and technical issues as well as exhibition curation and organisation, sales and marketing, logistics and budgeting for shows both at the London gallery and overseas exhibitions. Ben was also a founding partner of the design studio East

London Furniture based in Bermondsey, London. ELF works around the transformation of waste material into design-led furniture and space activation and transformation. Ben is in Karratha in September to conduct a series of workshops involving 3D design and the processes behind transforming designs into reality



You will need to login to this website to download a Sketchup 30 day trial. You can use an Apple or Google login if you need to. Be sure to download the desktop version.

Want to get a head start – have a look at: