Crap Music Rave Party 18+ (REAF)

Grab your mates, think of a crap song to request and hit the dance floor for the dumbest party ever! Tomás Ford is the world’s most hyperactive DJ. Lip-syncing his way through the night, projecting home-made rave-style videos, donning RED DOT-level costumes, flashing DIY disco lights, improvising drag shows and clowning his butt off, he’ll keep you and your mates laughing as you dance the night away to a selection of the worst tunes to hit the airwaves.

The music depends on how craptastic you wanna get, but we’re talking about the nasty stuff. So as long as it’s crap and everyone can dance (or at least sing) to it, Tomás will drop any bad request like the party weapon it isn’t.


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