Ice Land: A Hip h’Opera

Presented by Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company

Ice land: A Hip h’Opera is an exciting new work using the power of hip hop to explore a pressing issue within our communities, featuring new music from Aussie hip hop legends Downsyde, Layla and Moana Mayatrix.

With the flow of jazz, the soul of blues and the energy of electro, Ice Land: A Hip h’Opera uses the language of hip hop to tackle a tough issue currently affecting our society – the plague of methamphetamine use.

Yirra Yaakin has gathered powerful testimonials from users, carers, family members and many others to piece together a full-length contemporary theatre performance using hip hop as the key musical and philosophical drive.

Alongside a team that boasts some of Western Australia’s best artists, including Perth hip hop kings Downsyde, the awe-inspiring vocalist Aria Scarlett, multi-disciplinary performer, musician and singer Moana Mayatrix of MOANA, we explore a very timely subject and ultimately ask the question: if meth use continues to escalate within our communities, what is going to happen to our society as a whole?

Wow! what an arresting and timely show. Emotionally truthful storytelling. Innovative staging and FANTASTIC vocal performances from all cast.” – Audience member

Special shout out to Moana, who played Carly…if you want to know where Amy Winehouse got reincarnated, she’s in this girl!” – Audience member

I am so glad this show was put on and that I got to see it. It portrays the difficulties of a very important issue in WA society.” – Audience member

Absolutely brilliant. Gave me chills. So realistic and 100% true.” – Audience member “I am speechless at the talent that was on the stage. The storytelling was incredible. Amazing!” – Audience member

Tour supported by Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company, the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its principal arts funding and advisory body, the State Government through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, Wesfarmers Arts and Woodside.

Special thanks to CircuitWest for their support.


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