Words That Remain

Words That Remain: A collection of erasure and blackout poetry by Foolish Fancy

By taking an existing piece of text and erasing, obscuring, or blacking out much of the original, artist Maria Mori creates exquisite new works which are both visual art and literature.

Born in Japan and living in Australia for almost 20 years – the past six in Karratha – Maria Mori creates and publishes her work as Foolish Fancy. She finds inspiration in daily life and sees beauty in the simple and mundane. Each of her works is imbued with her gentle observations, humour and insights.

Blackout and erasure poetry are old artforms which have found new popularity through social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest. Maria Mori discovered these artforms a few years ago while searching for art activities to do with her children. She fell in love instantly with the pairing of poetry and visuals.

Finding a creative outlet in a busy schedule led her to explore these artforms, and to develop her love of art, craft and design. Using simple objects like pencils, tape, needle, thread, scissors and old books, her artworks can take anywhere from a few hours to several months to complete. Sometimes the words form easily, sometimes they need to be coaxed from the text.  The results are always surprising, beautiful and unique.


EXHIBITION DATES:   28 May – 03 July 2021 | During precinct opening hours

OPENING EVENT:  Thursday, 27 May 2021 | 6.00 – 7.30pm – light refreshments provided

Please RSVP HERE (link TBC) by 5pm Tuesday, 25 May 2021