Photography Workshop with Daniel Fowler (Ages 16+)

Getting off Auto – learning to shoot in Manual on your DSLR

Have you always wanted to unlock the secrets of your DSLR camera but weren’t sure where to start? To celebrate the exhibition Place Manifest, featured artist Daniel Fowler shares some of his photography techniques and skills for photographers of all abilities.

Through guided activities you will become familiar with:

  • Composition / principles of Photography
  • Learning your way around your DSLR camera
  • Aperture / Depth of Field relationship
  • The exposure triangle (ISO / Aperture / Shutter)
  • Lenses (Zoom vs Prime, field of view, good starter lenses, lens mounts, adapters)
  • Lighting (Natural vs Studio or Flash, Low light, modifiers, coping with various lighting situations)

You will need to bring your own DLSR camera.

Duration: 90mins

Suitable for ages 16+