The Red Earth Arts Precinct will offer workshops with schools shows wherever possible. The cost per student will vary according to the performance. These will generally be for classes of 20-30 students and can be held either in the rehearsal rooms at the theatre or at your school. Preference will be given to schools who are also booking tickets for the performance. Check the show page on the website to see available workshops.


Specifically for Primary Schools the Precinct offers half hour tours through the venue with discussions on some of the technical aspects of the theatre. This familiarizes students with the space and makes them feel more comfortable when they come to a show. Students get to see behind the scenes, see what makes the lights work and how the scenery and curtains move. They will see the dressing rooms and the rehearsal rooms. At the conclusion of the tour they will be given some take home activities. Schools are welcome to use our amphitheatre for a snack or lunch break at the end of the tour.

Please contact the Box office to book and we will see when we can get you in.


Ever wondered how sound and lighting is used in a production and why? Who does the set design and how does it work? The Red Earth Arts Precinct is offering technical workshops for secondary school students.

We can approach this from two angles.

First angle – theory

Lighting – How you decide to light a piece, what decisions a designer makes in consultation with a director, how lighting can affect the mood of a piece, why you place a light at a certain angle.

Sound design – In discussions with a director the overall mood and feel of the piece is looked at, where sound can reinforce atmosphere, how you manipulate the sound, the placement of speakers, if music will add to the piece what sort of music, then how loud and so on. Basic microphone technique will also be looked at.

Set design – the functions of set design will be discussed. How decisions are made, what sort of requirements a set designer must fulfil, how to talk to the director, how to research – all important areas for a designer to know.

Script analysis – how you approach a script to find the design elements that are required. What do you look for?

Second angle – school production

If your school has students working on a production, then we can help by looking at that particular show and taking them through the process for sets, sound & lighting.

The workshop will also include an introduction to the terminology that is used in professional theatre and some of the equipment that is used including demonstrations on the equipment.

Talk to us, so we can tailor the workshop to suit your schools’ needs. You will need to provide us with a copy of the script at least 4 weeks before your workshop.

Workshops are charged at $15 per student per hour with a maximum of 20 students per session. It is advisable to choose 1 theory session per hour as there is a lot of information to impart. Basic notes will be provided to the students at the conclusion of the session.
Please contact the Box office on 9186 8600 or email